Saturday 9 September 2017

It's STILL all good out in Hursty - The 2017 Hurstbridge BMX Show and Shine..

100-odd photos of my Sunday morning, the weekend before last.
Yep, it's been a year since my post on the last one of these. Time's flown.
2017 was another massive year for the Hurstbridge BMX show, and a special one in particular for those all about Haro. The founder of Haro Bikes - Bob Haro (surprised?) - had come over from the US for the weekend of all things BMX-related (dinner, ride, the show..)... and seemingly spend every other second signing absolutely everything Haro shoved in front of his marker!

Unfortunately the weather was classic-Melbourne-Winter, so at the last bloody minute the whole show moved from the usual oval to the basketball stadium down the road. Fortunately however, that went well..! Other being a little pushed for entrant space, the bikes that did get in, did look good in there.
Speaking of which.. I guess it was lucky for someone else that I didn't bring a bike down this time. As much as I'd have loved my bike signed (by the guy who designed it, c'mon.. it's pretty cool), I just had too damn much to do that day. It was going to have to be a quick-ish blast through.. which hey.. at least that'd be fuss-free.
So without accidentally turning up at the wrong location first (..I swear.. honestly..), I threw a 20mm fixed-lens on the camera and headed into the show:

Awesome teal Freestyler Master, with hey - a Bob Haro signature..!

 Gold 'n Black, Diamond Back.

How's the frame on this Hutch Trick Styler..


Love the paint schemes on the '86 Haro Freestyler range. Pretty much as for '85, but with that little bit of chrome showing through, as on this Freestyler Sport..

..another awesome colourway on this '87 Zeronine Ultra..

..aah, those decals are great.

Bit of knurling..

..and on those chainstay standing platforms.

More great colours on this Mongoose. As the photos above show, there was a fair few people in the stadium.. and at this moment, bit of a bottleneck here! So I'll come back to this one later..

Black bashguard Master..

More great decals...

The Freestyler Sport equivalent of the '87 (Freestyler) Master above..

Stealthy Master..

 ..and the not so subtle: brutal pink GT Freestyle and a plum-coloured Haro..

Works well.

Cool frame detailing on this Japanese Kuwahara..

Pair of late Haro Inverts displayed well..

White Mongoose Expert..

Diamond Backs..

The Torker frame rainbow..

Another sweet Kuwahara (Laser Lite). Would ride the hell out of this.. with those tall bars and layback post? I'd actually fit..!

Kuwahara - Osaka, Japan

SUPER MAX TURBO(!) Alllll the 80s buzz-words.

More BMX Bandit'ry..

High Intensity Torker 2..

Like the white Dominator Pro I had on my Haro..

Oldschool ACS Rotor detangler..

The Tioga Compact Disc sprocket.. 

Green '86 Master..

GJS A Frame..

Profile cranks, like I put on my green Master..

There's more wild frames, like this Torker Vagabond...

...and of course, even more wild colours and decals... with this pink Hutch Hollywood. Absolutely bloody tremendous.


Matching full-face helmet of course.

Crisp white and chrome Hutch Trick Star.

 SE Quadrangle - also a tremendously quirky frame..

Landing Gear forks..

 ..another Malvern Star SuperMax.

..and we're back to that pretty-as-all-hell Mongoose Eric Rupe signature edition.

A challenger for today's favourite colourway/decal-set appears..! the form of this tiiiidy baby-blue and white Repco HotFoot.

Those pinsriped crimson decals just look fantastic on the blue. Another that I really have no idea if it's original or not, but when it looks like it could've been.. I really don't care..!

Later mango-ey Torker Flipside..

A wall of Redline.

Aero covers on this pink Torker..

Spotless Robinson and JMC Racing Darrel Young..

Decals adding a generous helping of colour to this chrome Dyno Slammer..

 ..jumping back a decade, to the dainty Italian Cinelli mx.1

 ...and the last of this lot - another SE Quadrangle.

 ...the design was all fun-and-games till they went to make some pads for it!

...and we're done.

As you can see, this was far from everything there that day. I'd simply run around with my eyes peeled for anything oldschool racing through to 'mid'school freestyle; taking photos of those that I could get a clear enough shot of.. and posting here those that turned out half decent! So apologies to those who owned those not pictured - I probably missed it!

To everyone else? Enjoy.

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