Monday, 19 February 2018

One *very* XE ESP...

Spotted at South Coast Nationals late last year: an early-eighties Aussie Falcon with the lot...
1982 (XE 1982-1984) Ford Fairmont Ghia ESP. Top-tier for Ford Australia's standard-wheelbase, rear-driving sedans in 1982, and absolutely loaded with additional work done before delivery to the original owner.

On top of the "European-Sports-Pack"-equipped Fairmont's de-chroming, orange bumper inserts, the wild asymmetrical wheel and cloth Scheel sports seats; on top of the optional power windows and V8/auto combo; this Fairmont left Courtney and Patterson's Heidelberg dealership with that spoiler, a sunroof, bonnet-vents, sinister solid-black paint...

...aaaaaaand a two-door conversion done by Spanmor Limousines in Brunswick. Yeah. They went to some effort.

An Australian Ford dealership, 1982: "Options? Yeah, I'll have everything..!"

With the 'regular' Fairmont Ghia ESP already a keen $20,000AUD in 1982 (remembering the base Falcon sedan was a whisker under $8000); the don't-hold-back optioning would have surely made this the most expensive vehicle you could've bought with a Ford badge. 

And I'm stoked it's survived. And is looking so well cared for. Because it sure doesn't hurt that the only Fairmont Ghia ESP Spanmor Coupe I've ever seen is looking its best!

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