Thursday 10 May 2018

...and out of all the places that minter Supra could've turned up...

...a post title referring to that as-new Deep Teal Metallic ("Baltic Blue") 95 RZ I'd visited at Osaka's Glion Museum this time last year. 
Again, seriously, out of all the places in the bloody world that thing could have resurfaced...

"Arriving soon to Melbourne!!"

Yep. As if it followed me home. Maybe it was meant to be?!

...well that is if we ignore that price! Yikes. Going hand-in-hand with my surprise it has come to Australia at all.
The previous "make an offer" pricing on the car during it's long stint at the dealer/museum in Osaka, I'd estimated at five million yen or so; what was ~$80,000AUD or so at a guess. The chances of that coming to a market used to $5000 flogged-out Alpine Silver NAs? OH SO slim.
Yet here we are.
For now that'll be a pretty piece of a dealership/importer advertising. It may sell. But regardless... this trip to Australia will be little more than a holiday.

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