Monday, 30 April 2018

Snow Leopard.

"One of these things is not like the others.
Which one is different, do you know?
Can you tell which thing is not like the others?
I'll tell you if it is so..."'s a collection of late '80s turbo-six-cylinder Nissan coupes, photographed here sitting outside the Glion Museum on a trip to Osaka this time last year...

...but to answer Big Bird's classic question above? It's the Leopard. The white Leopard is the different one. This is because the other three are BNR32 GTRs in black, not Leopards in white. HAD THEY BEEN white Leopards, or the white Leopard been a black GTR, well the answer mightn't have simply been 'the Leopard'.. but they're not. They're black GTRs. There's three of them. There's one Leopard. It's the one that's not like the other ones. It's the one that is different, as you know. I'm sure you could tell which Nissan is not like the others, so I'm just doing my best to confirm that for you now. Righto? Sorted.


Silliness aside though, there is actually a little spot-the-difference fun to be had there. Something 'off' that drives me bloody insane..
I have absolutely no idea how I've ended up with such a critical eye for this, but it's something it seems so many are just absolutely oblivious to. A beautiful detail, an extra effort, that must so often just go so unappreciated...

This. Yep, that there's a left.

Actually, getting back to the Leopard at hand overall for a tic; what we've got here is a late-'88-onward facelift model, in the second-from-base 'XS' trim level.
This gets the smaller capacity, yet turbocharged, VG20DET, and in reality (price-wise) sat closer to the top variants than it did the base VG20E 'XJ' variant. A happy medium in the range I guess.

I can't remember how much this car was advertised for at the time, but prices on F31 Leopards - a much loved model - vary somewhat wildly. This VG20DET car may've been 1 million yen or so, while a VG30DET Ultima may be over 5 million!

A neat original example this was anyway, and it's always cool to see a model not often found at home.


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