Thursday 3 January 2013

Perfect A70

Another immaculate late 80's icon..

Well, in this case its actually a 1992..
But, last year for Toyota's flagship sports car.

This is a 1992 JZA70 Supra Twin-Turbo, so has the 2.5litre 1JZGTE turbo six.

Since this particular car has done almost-no KM (supposedly 5k), the stock wheels are absolutely perfect - and look great!

Nice trimmed wheel and shifter, complete with cruise controls on the hornpad there.
The funky digital dash is always fun. Starting to get a little too modern here though..! :P

I like the original mats. the pattern is subtle, but interesting enough.

The factory black leather looks great, and very comfortable. The centers of the seats is done in a perforated leather.
what looks to be a third seatbelt in the back is more than a little surprising!

Anyway, another perfect example. Beautiful car..

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