Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Exa Canopy.

Probably my favourite piece, available for a car I cant help but like..
The N13 Nissan EXA Canopy, with the fibreglass 'sportsback' rear hatch section.

Seen here, fitted to a slightly battered 1988 Exa, which has recently popped up for sale in Japan.
With a little bodywork and some paint, this would look 100x better.. but this is what we have to work with.
(awesome Nissan foglights are there though.. so there's some bonus points awarded!)

Couple shots of the Canopy:
Its such an odd piece!
Like the brochure picture above; the canopy is in a silver/grey here, which is usually the case for the regular hatch too.

Hatch open.
Along with the Targa panels, this rear section was completely removable.

Side shots brings to my attention the fact the wheels are true directional alloys. Awesome..

Neat, original, 5speed, and factory mats. cant complain here..!
..although, bloody hell those front seats (thanks to their incorporated head-rests) are tall!
Always surprising to see how basic that rear bench is. Reminds me of the CRX from the same era..

Not going to set the world on fire, but again, what we have to work with - the CA16DE.
Naturally Aspirated, twin-cam, 1.6Litre, inline four.
..and theres nothing wrong with this motor, but Nissan did have better offerings in the same era. The larger, 1.8litre, Turbo variant of this motor (CA18DET) found its way into other Nissan products at the time.
Like all Exa's (and then the NX); this sent power to the front wheels.

Thats all anyway.
But all good things.
I think I'd buy an exa purely to run that canopy...!

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