Sunday, 10 March 2013

See her..

Or Soarer..

A classy, black, 1989 GZ20 Toyota Soarer GT Twin Turbo.

Black-on-black is a great combination for these, especially the outside with its two-tone over grey.
The full aero kit is definitely nice too, and the three-piece lip-spoiler is particularly nice.

Stock, apart from an interesting dual exhuast..
.. And the TRD Alumi-K wheels.
Possibly a little too new for a 1989, as its more of a 90's JZA80/SW20 wheel; but its no doubt a nice wheel.
They always remind me of the very similar looking Work Equip (not the 01/02/03 Equips..).

Very nice inside.
I love to see the grey/black cloth used, the clean 4-spoke Momo (Toyota offered a 4-spoke momo during this period), digital dash, and the 5speed. Everything is in great shape.

Id pull that headunit out before I left the dealers yard though; and at that point, id probably remove the gauge too. The interior is too nice to have those pieces there..

and finally, the engine.
Here to put the G in GZ20; its the 2litre, twin-turbo, DOHC, 1G-GTE straight six.
Looks bloody clean in there too!

Looks to be a great car, in fantastic shape for its age.
The more subtle option for people shopping in the A70 Supra market..

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