Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Near-perfect DR30..

Yet another awesome 6th generation Skyline..

..But again, too nice not to share.

1985 build marks the last of five years of production; and the stickering on the door shows this is a top-tier Turbo+intercooled FJ20ET-powered model - a DR30 Skyline 2000 Turbo RS-X.

It isnt a particularly low km, or an unrestored car; but what looks like recent work has made this a real stunner.
Its a shame the photos were taken in full sun.. makes it hard to show how nice that red really looks to be.

It may be missing a bit of badging and decals on the right side; but too tidy otherwise to make that much of an issue!

Standard wheels wrapped in wide Yokohama S-Drives. Definitely a good looking tyre...

Under the perfect bonnet... is a perfect engine bay..

Fresh paint and plating has the twin-cam FJ20ET looking its best. I've said it many times before, but the FJ20 really is a great looking motor. Love the comparatively wide cam cover and wrinkle-red paint Nissan went with. yep, its basically a Ferrari Testarossa...

.. aaand the interior. Not surprisingly, as factory and immaculate as the exterior looks to be.
All helps to justify that asking price... (!)

All-in-all.. Great car, spec, year, and condition.

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