Saturday, 17 May 2014

Some more little Advan love...

As I have repeatedly mentioned here, here, and even further back here; I absolutely love the Advan A3A.

I was stoked to be able to pick up a neat set of these a little while back, as its one of my absolute all-time favourite wheel designs. Not just good looking for a 3-spoke (a worthwhile qualification there..!), its just a damn good looking wheel full-stop.

Introduced back in 1979 and produced essentially unchanged for decades following. 13x6 and 14x6 are the most common sizes by far; but wider sizes were available, and get jumped on quickly amongst a fleet of 6" wide versions...

Biggest pain for later FF Corolla, Civic, and MX5 owners? 4x114.3 only... damn tease...

So nicely proportioned...there is literally nothing about this design I would want to change.

The shape of the centre is a perfect medium between having 3-spokes, and simply having a chunky triangle for a centre!
Love the cast 'Advan' in the face (some have Advan Racing), the square lug nut holes, and the unnecessarily large centre cap. All good things...

Reasonable caliper clearance compared to some wheels from this era, and neat little cutouts on the back of the spokes leaving small ribs to support the face.
That's some nice thorough paint work too...!

Ahh... <3


  1. Love the way you describe the wheel. Allows me to further appreciate it and notice details that I would otherwise miss. The wheels look brand new, how are you lucky enough to come around a set in this condition? Also, i see many barrels on the shelf behind, do all those wheels also belong to you?

    1. Its the details on these things I love, so I do my best to show them!
      These are interestingly very late production for an A3A, so wear and tear was minimal despite actually being used. As with other wheels I have, I detail them fully when I get them, just to have them as nice as possible. You can see through surface grime when things like this are listed for sale.. and these ones just looked too good.
      I've always kept my eyes open for A3A's, and just lucky I hadn't nabbed a different set before these ones came along!

      ..and yes, I have just a couple sets of wheels...! :|