Sunday 25 May 2014

A most-epic-factory-interior-fabric challenger appears...!

Another very sweet little commuter.. and a bloody rare one at that nowadays..!

A second generation, G11-chassis Daihatsu Charade.

Produced from 1983-1987, with a mid-life update smack-bang in the middle of those years - 1985.
This particular car is the earlier of those, a 1984 build, with the smaller standard-sized rectangle headlights.

Love the simple white and black exterior with the silver steel wheels; and the red pinstriping in the bumpers gives me a thouroughly VW GTI feel.
Overall a nice and very inoffensive shape, and I like that grille detailing; but the random front quarter marker/indicator placement, and the high-roof? Not so much..!

What I do really like here, is whats inside..
Ignoring the seat fabric, everything is as simple and inoffensive inside as it is out.
..but that fabric.. that large white/black and red pin-stripe plaid that so perfectly matches the exterior colourway...
...well that's just Vivian-rivaling awesomeness. 

So just the same as with that Daihatsu Mira I had posted about a while back; despite being a low spec variant of a basic model, Its the thoroughly excellent interior/exterior colour co-ordination that I'm loving here.
Since both a Daihatsu's from the exact same year, well here's a huge thumbs up for the person responsible!

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