Monday, 2 June 2014


1988 HR31 Nissan Skyline GTS.. something.

While it looks very much like a GTS-R - the highest spec, Group-A homologation version of the 7th gen Skyline - it is advertised as a GTS-X. So despite being the right year, colour, aero, badging/decals etc; I'm just going to have to assume it isn't.. its just not uncommon for these to be mocked up as GTS-R's..

So thoroughly coloured in the GTS-R-Specific Navy blue though... hmm...

This one has a few tastefully period modifications, and is looking great.
Its lowered, no mudflaps, exhaust..

..and nice low-offset Watanabe/SSR RS-8's - complete with caps!
Impressive to see these with so much lip.. a far cry from the usual 14x6 +40 I usually see this wheel in!

Inside we've got a pair of Toyota-spec Recaro LX-C's in great shape, and a momo wheel.

Under the bonnet, the first thing I notice is the absence of the GTS-R's unique RB20DET-R exhaust manifold; with an otherwise familiar red-top RB20DET being been fitted with a couple breathing modifications.

Regardless of what it originally was - this is a great looking HR31 coupe with a RB20DET+5spd. To anyone other than a collector, I'm sure it doesn't matter - it may as well be a GTS-R..!


  1. thats an RB25 in it not a 20

    1. I guess I'm just thrown off by the red cam covers; but how can you tell?