Saturday, 7 June 2014

Intense amounts of want..

..and the ridiculous justifications in my mind trying to make it work..

1988 S13 Nissan Silvia K's Convertible.
First year.
Single-tone dark Blue. 
..and i want it.

That rare perfect storm of I love it, I can afford it, and I can import it.
Pre-1989 makes import to Australia a breeze; and at around 500,000yen, I almost cant get my wallet out fast enough!

I've ranted about these before, and clearly remember a near identical one that was in Australia for sale.. but hard not to again when I saw this one.

CA not SR? Auto not manual? Additional weight and flexibilty of the convertible over a hardtop?

..I just don't care.

I'm here for those lines, the lack of addtional aero, the simple single-tone paint.
This one is only complimented by some great period (okay, early 90's..) parts.

The familiar and almost standard-fare Kakimoto exhaust is nicely polished...

and the large diameter BBS RS look fantastic in an un-fussy silver with black caps and chrome hardware..

...and inside, to match those wheels? An incredibly gaudy BBS Steering wheel!
Don't even begin to think I'd be taking that out though..!

First time I've noticed the placement of the roof controls, which interestingly looks like you may have to lift and close a few things while you're standing there beside the car.

And for good measure, the pre-SR, 1.8Litre Turbo CA18DET four - looking impressively standard.

Unfortunately I'm just left feeling pretty bummed I cant buy it.
My main 'car' is a 4Runner that I love as much as I appreciate the practicality of it; and I already have two other unnecessary toys that may as well be attached to me somehow.
I may or may not catch public transport every day too...

I just dont have the space, the need, and would have to sacrifice something else more painful just to make it work..

Bugger eh..! :(

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