Monday 18 August 2014

Late Sixty...

Really neat, restored/tidied, 1989 FJ62 Toyota Landcruiser VX.

1989 makes this the very tail-end of the 60-series' 10-year production run, with the updated front-end and fuel-injection on the 4litre 3F-E petrol six.

Loving the chrome against the black on this..

Leaf-sprung, solid-axle, front and rear; standard chromed steel wheels, and a very agressive set of Toyo's..

Just as neat inside, as it is out. Everything thoroughly re-trimmed..

I love it.
Overall makes its intentions pretty clear, that anything more than a dusty road is a no-go; with the vibe of those restored Grand-Cherokee's or G-Wagons that just spend their time rolling around town... but I couldn't care less.
Bring on the tire-shine.

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