Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Oldschool HR30..

Tough 1984 HR30 Nissan Skyline GT EX Coupe..

..Modified with what seems like overall a pretty oldskool vibe to it.

Outside, the 14 or 15" SSR MK1's with tall-profile tyres are likely to blame.. interesting choice, but do look good...

I really like how this sits.
Not sure whats going on with that second exhaust cutout though..

Inside is neat and relatively original, with just the usual wheel/shifter/pedals and a pair of miss-matched Recaros. Love seeing the stock head-unit in these - which is pretty rare to see. The odd non-standard shape makes most with aftermarket units look a little butchered..

This however, is the star of the show..
The single-cam inline 6cyl is breathing through triple carbs; and according to this car dealers goo-net listing, the is possibly stroked to 3litres.
I honestly prefer this generation of Skyline FJ20-powered (as a DR30), but the L Nissan straight-6 feels truer to the Skyline name (being a 6cyl, not 4).. and a long production run in many performance models, means it still has a ton of potential and support today.

This driveline combination on these wheels, cant help but make me feel like id be driving a classic Skyline or Fairlady, dressed up as an R30. An S30 Z that's all business..

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