Sunday 3 August 2014

In good company.. take 3..

I've posted pics from this same dealer a couple times, but damn it always looks impressive!

Surrounded by a fleet of quality Porsches and a gorgeous light-blue Aventador, is a 1983 MA61 Toyota Celica XX - the second generation Supra - here in narrow-body form.

I do prefer these with the over-the-top flares and spoilers I usually see them with, looking a little more performance-oriented; but both versions are the same straight-6-powered Celica underneath...

...and damn does this one look sharp in the two-tone silver over dark red. Deluxe.

That fantastic burgundy velour interior - as good as new.
Love the digital dash as usual, and that it is a 5speed car..

..and the luggage area. spotless.

..and the equally-spotless, 2.8Litre 5M-GE straight-6. Always love seeing the wide valve angle and subsequent wiiide cam spacing on the older twincam engines. Something that definitely went by the wayside!

Great car.

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