Saturday 4 June 2016

Honda's erratic four-button rotary-dial.. one of my favourite OEM wheel designs ever.

1985 AT Honda Civic Si, currently for sale at a dealer in Okayama, Japan (Car Shop Chatz) for a very reasonable ~550,000yen.

It's done a few miles (170,000mi/273,000km) and is marked as repaired, but pah - so what - it's 30 years old..! Looks to be a fantastically original and solid car regardless..

Sitting at the top of a five-rung ladder of 1983-87 third-generation Honda Civics, was the Si: the performance variant available as either a hatch or sedan.. and easily identifiable thanks to the offset hump on the bonnet to clear the 135ps/99kw 1.6litre ZC..

Performance hatch/Sedans making for Somewhat more practical variations of the Ballade Sports CR-X Si...

Blocky little open headrests, front and rear.. and what look to be fairly-original seat covers, giving high hopes that there's a pair of very neat seats underneath..

Great looking dashboard and steering wheel, and a shot of the Honda/Alpine cassette-deck..

..and as mentioned above; the twin-cam, 16-valve, 1.6litre ZC four; 135ps likely having no trouble propelling the sub-tonne Civic along!


A classic performance Civic for not a whole lot of coin. Looks great, something different, and no doubt a blast to drive.
Very cool.


  1. now lets just hope the seat fabric thats already trought the cover is just dirty and not somehow ripped aswell,that would be a shame

    imho 3rd civic is the best one

    1. Definitely looks buffed-up a little.. but seemingly not worn through. A wash and somewhat-vigorous scrub.. I think it'll be okay..! ;)