Sunday, 17 February 2013


A lightly modified/personalized 1992 JZA70 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo.

Last year of production for the third generation of Supra's.
This one has been fitted with a rather mild lip kit, and lowered on SSR Professors.

The lack of tint is surprising, but nice.
Really great side profile on these..

Inside is as tidy as out; and has been fitted with a Momo Race wheel and contrasting red Recaro (SR3?).

Nice and tidy in here too. Dealer spruced-up, but looks to have been a clean bay regardless. The 2.5litre, Twin-Turbo'd 1JZGTE is looking as good as new.
Only visible additions here being a HKS intake, bit of bracing, coilovers, and a little Cusco master cylinder stopper. 

All really looks to have been modified ~10 years ago, and unchanged since.
It may not be exactly how I'd do it, but can definitely always appreciate.  :)

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