Friday, 4 July 2014

Levin the dream..


Really liking this..

Its a 1986 AE86 Toyota Corolla Levin GTV...

..sitting almost cartoonishly well over some wide 15" (or maybe 16"?) Rays/Volk Racing TE37V's.

Classic panda two-tone, and subtle flares. The wheels and tyres may be a little over-the-top, but cant ignore the visual statement it makes.
Interesting thing with the AE86 (or KP61, S12, Australian R31's, etc), these cars always look like they're running positive camber on the rear. My mind automatically thinks it knows what is normal - my mental +/-0 camber - so when I see something as upright as this, it just looks off!
Too many years of seeing WAY too many Japanese cars with excessive rear negative camber has taken its toll...!

Quality work on the exterior has spread into the engine-bay, with a neat high-mount turbo setup hanging off the standard 16V 4AGE..

..and then into the interior, where an otherwise very neat interior has been joined by a simple Momo, unmarked fixed-back Bride seat, and a half-cage that bolts through the floor and rear wheel arches.

Very cool, and really looks to be very well executed.

This Levin is just one of a couple dozen neat examples currently for sale in Japan; but if this thing is more up your alley than a stock car, well its at a price you'd be very hard-pressed replicating this for!

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