Sunday, 13 July 2014


Another absolutely-classic example of a modified X7 Cressida/Cresta/Chaser/MarkII..

This one a pillared 1987 GX71 Cresta sedan.. the closest of the trio to the aussie (and world market in general) similarly-pillared Cressida sedans.

Seeing these always makes it hard not to start hunting a Cressida sedan to modify myself..! Lets face it though, it would just end up looking like this; and I can get my fix of seeing these just browsing goo/carsensor/auctions/yahoo... so feckit.. live vicariously.

Despite the large SSR sticker on the front lip, the wheels look to be a Heroes Racing or Volk mesh of some sort. Very low offset over a possibly 7 or 8" width.. creates a bit of an inner-wheel gap, but looks tough regardless!

Hako-style boot spoiler with Bridgestone decal (Ignore the fact its on a set of Nankangs..)..
shotgun straight pipes..
Pioneer TS-X* speakers on the parcel shelf...


...and back at the front; the classic front mounted oil cooler and an extremely agressive front spoiler.

Its not re-inventing the wheel, but I just don't care! Any of these X7-chassis cars are so cool just like this.

Would drive.

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