Sunday, 27 July 2014

SSR EX-C Fin Restoration - Pt.3

Continuing again from previous parts here, and here... is part three of my SSR EX-C Fin restoration. wouldn't think you'd be able to break it up into so many sections of unnecessary detail, but you'd be wrong!

Closeup of the 80's EX-C catalogue, showing again (in the top right) what I'm aiming for.

Back to the centre-cap plates, where I left off last time:
..after a little sanding.

really, really, badly painted black..

Each word masked off, then the paint carefully sanded down to reveal the text. Finish in coarse paper in the direction of the text, to emulate the original machined finish..

The rest of the woeful black paint sanded a little smoother, then a bit of clear over the lot.
This took time. Simple yet frustratingly fiddly!

The full-flange 15x6.5 barrels went off to the polishers for a tidy up. Very happy.

While the faces went to a powdercoater, where they got a fresh coat of gloss white.

And together?

Have been waiting over 2months now for a heap of bits from the electroplaters; including the fasteners for these wheels, and the centre cap bodies. Ah well, no rush..

Only one more update on these, I promise!


  1. that looks so good! i love it, just one comment though. i think it would make it that little bit better if there were individual 'notches' or tabs that each fin bolts to like the original. it's a bit of a big detail for me haha

    i've been thinking recently about putting a pair of fins into formula mesh barrels. i wonder if it could work, i have my doubts because the fins have a gap between the centre and lip like reverse mesh, and also formula mesh are a stepped lip design which would probably make the centre a smaller size

    anyway keep it up!

    1. Cheers!

      Interestingly enough, the full mounting flange was a specific detail I went with.. as they are in the brochure picture above. The individual tab style mounting flanges were only used on the chrome/bright versions initially.
      I'm replicating an early version EX-C, complete with polished (not chrome) cap and black locking mechanism.

      I do actually prefer the EX-C's in general to have the cutout/tab style mounting flange though!

      I'd probably steer clear of putting the EX-C faces into formula barrels, for no other reason than its not really correct. Other than a few rare examples (and 17" versions), the EX-C was always made in either reverse, or 'FF' full-reverse versions.
      However, if you do want to do it...
      Assuming the EX-C's you have are 15", you'll need the 16" formula mesh barrels. It needs to be the standard mesh face though, not the large-size, almost EX-Cmesh-style mesh face.

  2. oh okay, love the attention to detail! i thought it may have been because the full lip is more common

    yeah it's definitely not technically correct, but i was keen on some fins (mine are standard fins rather than EX-C) into a stepped lip barrel which i thought would be a cool, different, looking combo. and yes 15", i was hoping it may possibly fit into other 15" barrels. not only FM but also a pair of AME mesh barrels are available at the moment

  3. hey again! do you know if SSR centres can fit into Volk barrels (15" stepped lip design so 14" SSR centre)?

  4. Do you have the final installment to this amazing restoration?

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