Sunday, 13 July 2014

The tall-cap tidy-up..

One of a pair of very tired SSR Hasemi Sport S'5 caps I cleaned up recently.
I was re-keying them to match another pair of caps I had anyway, so take the opportunity to clean away 25 years of grime while I'm at it. Really needs the cap body and lock re-plated, but ehh.. good enough from afar. I don't plan on running these wheels ANY time soon..

As I wrote about here, these are the Tall S'5/BangVec bodied version of the Electron locking caps. Shown above in original condition...

..and hilariously; in gold, Bang-Vec form.

But back to the rough caps at hand.
The pair, with the locking mechanism completely disassembled. I love the look of all the small parts involved..

So intricate..

The key beside the magnet-springs just to show scale. They are so, so small...

Cleaning, then polish..

Have to be so careful not to lose any of the parts - its not hard for one of the mm-diameter ball-bearings to roll off the bench, literally never to be found again...

..and done! back together again..
Far from perfect, but looks so much better than it did. Importantly they now work smoothly, and with the correct key.

I've covered the assembly of the lock detail in more detail here.

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