Friday 6 February 2015


Well, more of a maroon-ey/Crimson.. but may as well be Rosso Corsa in my eyes! Seeing the X7-chassis MarkII/Chaser/Cresta/Cressida in anything other a shade, navy, bronze.. (and so on).. is worth a mention..!

This particular car is a late, second-generation Cresta - a 1988 GX71.. with that G in the chassis-code representing the twin-cammed, 2litre, 1G straight-six..

I'm really liking the kit on it too (cannot name unfortunately..) complimented by an enthusiastic drop over a set of wide.. mesh?

..well its a pair of Southern Ways Epsilons on the rear; but up front its looking like a Volk/Heroes mesh of some sort, and an SSR Reverse mesh on the front left? I.. I don't really understand why.. but its a pair of Epsilons away from uniform happiness - so easy fix!

Traditional shotgun exhaust; but no Hako wing? no underspoiler? no speaker boxes?! Combined with the debadged rear, this is a neat look...

..aand a couple last pictures from the for-sale listing.
Asking decent money for what is in-part a rolling wheel showroom; but for someone hanging out for a X7-chassis car in something other than 50-shades-of-grey - this could be it!
The kit is a bonus.. and a solid step in the right direction for a really cool build.


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