Sunday, 8 February 2015


Another cool version of a model, that already seeems to have a couple cool variants...

A 1989 JT190 Isuzu Gemini Irmscher RS.
It feels safe to assume this was the highest level of trim for this chassis; made in the last year of production for the second generation of Gemini introduced 4 years earlier.

This one (currently for sale in Japan) seems like a solid original example of these...

 ..with the only possible change being those (awesome) hubcaps. I think these likely would have had the BBS mesh used on other Gemini's.. but these colourcoded hubcaps look fantastic. I really like this look.. but may just be because I havent seen colour-matched hubcaps in a while - damn shame!

Continues to surprise me how much I like the look of these hot second-gen Gemini's, after years of seeing nothing but the snoozy RB Gemini's we sold locally. Might be how they just seem so cool though.. that contrast!

I love the aero Isuzu used, the tall lip spoiler holding the decals, the gloss-black garnish on the rear...

..and the panelled grille between the lights. The solid navy blue is a especially interesting colour too, since an estimated 99.9872% of dark blues are metallic..! haha

The interior is just as good. Like other hot Isuzu's of the era; theres a pair of Recaro's with special trim, and likely had a period aftermarket wheel (This car has a Momo, but wether thats original or not..)

Those elaborate pods at the front of the cluster surround are fantastic. Lights and wiper controls reaching towards the ten-and-two of the wheel...
..and in the background - a 10,000rpm tacho! Possibly could have got away with an 8k unit (since the redline starts a little after 7500..), but hey, double-digit tacho..!

A sunroof is always welcome, but just in front of that is something a little more unique..

Additional odometers! Wow.. thats wild. I wonder how these were driven...

One last pic of the engine bay - Impressively neat in here.
The 4XE1, 1.6litre twincam four, produced just-about 100kw (130-140ps). Unlike the first generation Gemini, this drove the front wheels - and in this case through a 5spd manual.

Anyway, done. Another awesome little FF Gemini...  


  1. Hasegawa just announced a model kit of this car - this exact one, hubcaps, dark blue paint (on the boxart) and a 4-door sedan.

    It's nice to see this one, but my model's still going to get a full USDM Chevy Spectrum build...maybe a turbo, but probably not.

  2. FYI, those are the hubcaps they came with as standard...