Monday 4 May 2015

BBS E50 (E55)..

Picked this old BBS race wheel up late last year..

BBS E50 (/E55) Centerlock.
16 x ~14"
Magnesium face with alloy barrel.

BBS cutaway showing the hollow sections of the face, and the same cover design used on the front of a Porsche 956..

The wheel came complete with a 325/650-16 Dunlop tyre.
This tyre size should help narrow down what it was originally off, but I'm struggling to find anything certain..

My favourite of the BBS aero cover designs - a fantastic printed mesh in gold/black. This same design was used in both black&gold and white&silver for the BBS RS road wheel's optional covers..

Low offset with a deep centre..

The cover is attached with 5 large phillips-head screws to the face of the wheel..

The cover is made of two parts, likely so the same front section can be used on multiple offsets.
1984 production date confirmed by the use of 'West' Germany..

Centerlock mount, and the tapped holes for the cover mounting..


Couple shots of the back of the wheel, showing the rear-mounted fasteners for the face..

Just a little more unnecessary (yet awesome) garage decoration!

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