Sunday, 24 May 2015

Super Swift!

 Came across this epic two-page advertisement in an old magazine today, and just had to share..
The ad is for a 1986 AA33S Suzuki Swift (Cultus) GTi - a ~750kg 1300cc twincam bundle of awesome.

How and why don't I see these?! I would remember these. I would want one of these. Maybe I confuse them with early Charade Turbo's or AE82 Twincam's in a blur as they boom by..?
Regardless, Its not often I come across a little 80's hot-hatch I have otherwise forgotten.. and I'm am so amped that these will be on my mind again..

..its not as if the idea of a Swift GTi is completely out of my mind.. its hard to forget about the long-running and much-loved second generation (also twincam 1300cc powered) cars; but these early ones? These first generation of Swift/Cultus ran from ~1983-1988.. but I guess the survival rate was just not quite high enough. :(

Closeup of the cutaway engine in the ad - Suzuki's G13B 1300cc twincam. The laughably-specific output of 74(.3!) kw is really very impressive for an NA 1300 in the mid 80's.

Anyway, very cool car. I'd love to see an original one in person one day.. but hell, I'd settle for a mostly-stripped one at the wreckers..! Will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled...


  1. Fantastic car! I had two MK1's during the 2000's. Bought the first one locally on a whim and adored it so much that I later flew from Sydney to Melbourne to buy a second one in red. Not hard to imagine that I of course have the literature you've posted in hardcopy.
    My red one from back in the day:

    1. I love that you had one of these..! Good taste :P
      Yours looked great too; is it still around?

  2. No, sadly. I took a break from 80's cars for a few years there as I grew tired of fixing things! I eventually forgot about all that and only remembered the good times, and so eventually found an AW11 to pour my heart into!

    1. I'd say most of these 80's sportscars have well got past the point of daily use and abuse.. they're all just a bit too delicate now! I'm fairly confident that cars were never as complex (pure number of parts) as they were in the 80's.. The plastic trims, cladding, flares, wiring, motors, etc etc.
      Make great occasional use 'toys' though!

  3. p.s. I also had those ever so rare factory alloys for it too. Sold them years after I sold the car, as always kind of hoped I would buy another again some day.