Sunday 30 August 2015

Coffee table life - Rays Engineering style..

Deja Vu? Almost a repeat of a previous post here; of a Southern Ways / Epsilon mesh Coffee table..

Rays Engineering, Volk Racing Mesh.

Amazingly similar to the 16x14J Southern Ways posted above, and very likely from the same era.
Whereas with the Southern Ways I was 99.8% sure the wheel was originally built with full intention of it being a table (size, quality and fit of the glass, and the lack of valve hole); there is absolutely no doubt with this one.

Not only is there again no valve hole; but the face never received any markings on the back, the 'decals' are actually printed on the reverse of the glass, and (however it was done..) the lip rolls 180degree's back on itself to trap the glass against the lip - it cannot be removed!
Every part here was made 30years ago to sit exactly how it does today.

It'd be interesting to know how this came to be. Maybe they were offered for sale alongside the wheels? Maybe as a promotional item? Given to dealers?
I'll definitely keep an eye open for others, which might help shed a little more light on things..
Light & Tough! Volk Racing with Racing Spirit.

Standard Volk mesh face in gold.
Sadly age and careless storage at some point has damaged the paint and fasteners..

Its definitely not easy to photograph, but hopefully this shows the rolled lip..

The text is on the inside. Stencilled and painted? Printed?
There interestingly feels/sounds as though there are two layers to the glass/plastic..

Back of the face. No casting size marks, but has been drilled and has nut inserts.
Corrosion again..

No sealant joining the barrel halves, and neither half was ever drilled for a valve hole..


Just more fun interior clutter.

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