Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The little yellow Suzuki was not quite Swift enough..

Saw this poor little thing at the wreckers the other week - a 1985 AA51S Suzuki Swift 1.3 3dr...

First generation of Swift (Cultus) sold in Australia from 1985 through to 1988. This model was also sold here as a Holden Barina in 5door form.
Both are very rare nowadays, and I just about never see a 3door - which makes it such a shame to see this one here. It was relatively solid and complete, but just worthless.. and likely still only has a very small fan-base.
Its day will probably come one day; but no doubt too late for this poor little yellow example..

This model seemed fairly high specced; with a 1.3litre, 5spd, spoiler, skirts, etc..
Neat little Suzuki-branded mudflaps there, and a rear wiper is fairly deluxe for an inexpensive commuter in 1985.

 Those multi-piece skirts. Neat.

Period(..ish) 13" Australian alloy wheels, replacing what would have been basic 12 or 13" steel wheels. These were made by a company called Delta from memory?

Bit of junk in here, but otherwise all seems rather complete and repairable. Relatively modern looking dash looks around 5 years newer than the car; while the large, un-sporting, two-spoke wheel about 5 years older!
Again, 5speed manual is a bonus, as is the tacho-equipped analogue cluster.

Loved this detail, which was something I had embarrassingly never known!
The Suzuki badge on the bonnet...


..releases the bonnet catch! Urgh, such a nice detail.

Under that bonnet; the G13A 1.3litre four. This single-cam, 8valve unit produced ~50kw, driving the front wheels.
Mightn't seem like a lot, but then remembering the kerb weight is likely around 700kg..


Its no GTi; but could have been a nice project (different, solid base, good colour, nice spec, etc). Sadly that ship has likely sailed for this one...


  1. Hi, where di you see this one? Im thinking of buying a 3 dr at the moment and drive a 4 dr everyday currently, they are a great reliable little car,the torque and response is great,I drove a 2010 model the other day and no comparison,these are a real standout,great for their size and power...Please let me know,I might have to hit these guys up for some stuff one day..

    1. Its at pickapart kilsyth, and was still very much complete when i last saw it a couple weekends ago. Their website still shows it being there, but better pace it up if you want spares.. As unfortunately they seem to crush these things at any time...! Good luck.. And keep that 4dr going!

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