Friday, 8 January 2016


Because I like the colour..
No; just another interesting gem that popped up among the usual, casual, Japanese market browsing..

A sharknose fronted, and violet painted, 1983 910 Nissan Bluebird sedan.
Currently for sale at 'Garage Hanabusa' - a dealer located a little north of Nagoya - for around the 800,000yen mark. Even assuming the worst in workmanship and it had being a rusty base, it's still not bad...

The extended front guards and bonnet creating that sharknose look. Its agressive on an otherwise-standard body - there's no lip, no flares, no spoilers, and standard bars..

Canted headlights in the shadows of the grille...

SSR Formula mesh..

Sidepipes hastily cut into the sill...

..and more SSR Formula Mesh.
Deceptively skinny, with a low offset..

Yep, the rears are wrapped in 165-wide tyres. Never has a tyre so skinny seen so much lip..

The red cage, looking fantastic against the violet...

..and the rest of the interior; yellow fixed-back bucket, small woodgrain wheel, and flower-knob.

Very little other information about this.
Despite being over 50photos, there's nothing of the engine-bay.. the underside.. the suspension; but hey, I've got a good imagination..!
..naturally we're safe to assume that showcar colour-matched underside, the airbag suspension, and a RB30/26DET with a big single, right?

A $8000 Violet chunk of style.

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