Friday, 1 January 2016

The wheel-post round-up, 2016..

Let's get into 2016 with a wheel post. A solid wheel post. LOTS of wheels..
Cheekily somewhat of a 'greatest hits' or 'flashback episode' since its going to be a lot of links to previous work.. but c'mon, there's well over a hundred pics here.. and this has taken a possibly-somewhat-embarrassing amount of time to sort through.


In a little more detail..
I've gone through the previous posts to round up all that is wheel related... because its useful to see exactly I have and haven't posted.. and for general browsing's sake, well it turns out my post titles are just a little vague..!

Working backwards...

Rays Engineering SUPERVOLK - 14" 
October 2015
Rays Engineering, Super Volk.
14x6 +38
Tuesday the 8th of May, 1984.

Super Silhouette - Rays Engineering...
September 2015
Rays Engineering, Volk Racing Mesh.
12/1981 production for the face, with a probable early-1982 assembly.

SpeedStar MK.2 : Mark, also.. 
September 2015
SpeedStar MK.2
14 x 7.5"
'A' (-4) Offset
Likely late 70's or early 80's production
3-piece welded construction, cast alloy centre, and original anodized silver barrel/lip. 

Coffee table life - Rays Engineering style.. 
August 2015
Rays Engineering, Volk Racing Mesh.

(Original Coffee Table..)

BBS, Porsche; 956...35102200.. 
August 2015
Part number 0259003

SpeedStar's A3A - The Longchamp M-1 
July 2015
SSR Longchamp M-1
Three-piece, sandwiched centre, welded construction. (Traditional Speedstar style..)

The Work Ewing II - Elegant Fin..!
June 2015
Work Ewing II
14x6" Full Reverse
August 1987

BBS E50 (E55)..
May 2015
BBS E50 (/E55) Centerlock.
16 x ~14"
Magnesium face with alloy barrel.

Hiro V1-R
April 2015
SSR Hiro V1-R
15x6 +40

April 2015
Colin (Kyoho) Super Shark
13x6 +17

SSR EX-C Aero Covers..
March 2015
Aero covers / Turbo Fans, to suit the SSR EX-C...

Gotta catch 'em all.. 
March 2015
Boys Racer Exciting.
(Yokohama) BRX, BR1
13 x 6"

SSR EX-C FIN, 28 years later.. 
February 2015
14 x 6", +25.
February/March 1987

Early style - painted face, polished tall caps, and full face mounting flange. 

January 2015
Southern Ways, Aero Sports.
15x10.5" -18

SSR Hasemi Sport S'5 restoration..
January 2015
SSR Hasemi Motor Sport S'5
15x6.5" +34

Hiro V-1, Hiro V1-R
January 2015
SSR, Hiro Engineering, Hiro V-1, and Hiro V1-R.
Both 15", have the same basic design, and the same colourway; but totally different ends of the sizing scale..

December 2014
The garage as the sun sets. No lights, lots of shadows, and grainy pics.
Just a little flattering for what is otherwise a pair of old Toyotas and a couple sets of wheels in a tin shed..

Star Magna.
December 2014
SSR Star Magna
Magnesium face.
Flip cover, Electron lock cap.
16 x 7 square set.

December 2014
SSR Takechi Project, Racing Hart Spinner Fin.
15x8 +1.

November 2014
SSR (Speed Star) Auswuch
15x7 -13
Three-piece, forged centre, and factory anodized gold faces - one of MANY colour options available over their 10+ year production run. 

A little Emotional..
November 2014
Work Emotion
14", Full Reverse mounting
2-piece welded construction
August 1986

Why does the 84c really outshine all the other aero-type wheels?
October 2014
Rays Engineering, Volk Racing, aero covers to suit the 84c wheel.
14", FR-type offset.
198* production?
Know little about them unfortunately (production years, prices, brochures, so on..), just the fact the covers alone look awesome. brutally intricate in the world of aero covers.. 

An Heroes Racing..
October 2014
Heroes Racing CX-2 Mesh. 'FF' high offset, full reverse style.

Attempting to cool brakes, since 1985..
September 2014
Photo of these two wheel-fan / aero-covers together; as in addition to a very similar overall design, both happen to be from late 1985.

Coffee table life..
September 2014
Southern Ways / Epsilon Mesh.

WORK, EWING, CENTER PACKAGE SYSTEM... and a comparison to the SSR ELECTRON LOCKING SYSTEM.. becauselongtitle..
September 2014
Complete kit of collars and caps, to suit the Work Wheels (/Work Co., Ltd.) EWING wheel...

Hiro V-1..
August 2014
SSR Hiro Engineering Hiro V-1.
15x6.5, A (+8)
15x7, A (+1)
Early standard-reverse V-1's, with the old polished caps and single-colour faces..

The tall-cap tidy-up..
July 2014
a pair of very tired SSR Hasemi Sport S'5 caps I cleaned up..

Hasemi S'5..
June 2014
SSR Hasemi Motor Sport S'5 (S5)
16x7, 16x8 

Some more little Advan love...
May 2014
The always-amazing Advan A3A..

Scale awesomeness...
April 2014
Aoshima's 'The Wheel' collection.

Super Silhouette..
March 2014
SSR Formula Mesh
19x15 -37

March 2014
SSR Longchamp XRX
15x6.5 B/~+20 

February 2014
SSR Meiju (Meiju Radius?)

January 2014
..A rarer find among the Mesh/Fin/Scope of the EX-C family. These ones are NOS, and as sharp as the day they were made!

Heroes Racing..
December 2013
Aero wheel covers to suit the Heroes Racing CX-2 Mesh.

November 2013
A chrome-plated clutch-fan in the form of a wheel - The SSR McLaren International MS1. 

SSR EX-C Fin Restoration - Pt.1
October 2013
1988 SSR EX-C Fins.. and whats left after 25 years of wear-and-tear..
..and Part 2
..and Part 3

February 1984, and in the zone..
September 2013
15" Zone ARX, February 1984 production...

September 2013
SSR Bang-Vec
July 1987

Aero Era
July 2013
Updated collection of wheel 'turbo fan' or 'aero cover' images.

...and that's it.
Prior to July 2013, it seems I didn't post much in the way of just wheels..  and only in doing this post now, had I even realised this! Totally forget these things....
Also, not only are there still a heap that I know I need to take photos of, write about, share.. there's a heap I'd just completely forgotten!
Some I'd taken pictures of ages before, but just sit on my hard-drive.
Some I still need to research more.. as I just know so little about them..
Some need finishing, others just need detailing... 
Some I just need to get around to taking a photoset of.

Falling somewhere into these categories is this lot below. Yep - ooh.. ahh... a vague, upcoming-post teaser...

(SSR) Super Longchamp XR-3...

Black-lip SpeedStar Longchamp XR-4...

The EasyRiders Daras two-piece mesh...

Various projects...

The Tomei Turbo...

NOS SSR MKIIR and 15" Rays Supervolk...

(SSR) Takechi Project, Racing Hart, Spinner Fins...

(SSR) Maxim Japan...

The 19" BBS E57, to match the 16" linked above...

..Various mesh I've never got around to posting; but since I HAVE had the little silver mesh above almost 10years now...

More HART...

..a pretty set of Impul Pro-mesh...

Work Equip Steps centerlock..

Various little SSR bits n bobs...

..more Racing Hart bits..

..the SSR Casablanca mesh...

..Small diameter SSR racing wheels... Volk Racing Fins.. (..these are actually not far off refinished now..!)

The worlds most incredibly-rough SSR Mesh race wheels. 17x13", 1989, somewhat-ish round...

Takechi Project Sprint Harts...

...Racing Harts...

Hayashi Super Street Centerlock...

SSR Hasemi Sting - finally almost done..

The 1986 SSR Flying Dragons...

 ..that Enkei race wheel, second from the left there...

...and likely more photos of the same old things! I know I've been meaning to re-do the McLaren set for a fair while now..

..uhh.. I think that's it for the moment?
It'll do anyway - that's probably more than enough wheel pictures for now!

To recap, since I've spent the last couple hours assembling this.. I'm very tired, and badly resisting reading back through the post;
1. Links to previous wheel posts
2. Pictures of other wheels I'll eventually post about.
3. Ramble at the end to wrap things up.



  1. I've posted here before, and follow on instagram. Nothing to really add but I love your posts. Keep it up!

  2. Epic post, Rd S! My mind cannot comprehend the tastiness of all these wheels. There were many on here that made me stop and stare like the SSR Flying Dragons, Racing Harts, Zone ARXs, Dragons and especially the timeless BBS/SSR mesh wheels. Pictures of the 4runner/Surf loaded up with more wheel goodness on its own museum-quality rims was a nice bonus. Thanks for posting.

  3. Looking forward to the Defi, Tomei, centerlock comparison Work vs Hayashi and SSR EX-C Fin Restoration - Pt.4!!!

  4. Hi Mate,
    I have purchased SSR Hasemi Prot S wheels. I was able to source 3 Centre Lock/Waffles and 5 Collars. I need 1 more Centre Lock and Waffle, do you know where i can source one which will fit these wheels. I see all the other SSR Centre Locks look basically the same. I am from Melbourne Australia, any help would be greatly appreciated. -

  5. Hi were one out three person in the world who posted the photo of my unknown center lock wheels i have just purchased.It's a set of Work Equip Steps center lock street wheel...but only problem ,they did not come with lock hub.just like the guy you know where i can get my work Equip steps cenetr lock huh...a little hint would be super sweet, pls save my wheels , THX SO MUCH..HOPE HEAR FROM YOU SOON

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