Friday 30 January 2015

4A-GE again..

Get ready for a world of excitement here..
..Yep, its another post with just pics of my cars enginebay! Its not filler, I swear..

For reference, here is was in September 2012. High-end, no-compormise, 100% performance modifications added since include - and limited to - a litle air ducting from the factory plumbing, some sweet red leads, and... uhh..

The engine's love of massive amounts of air, is met with a equally hilarious diet of fuel; we're talking a solid 10-11L/100km.. but hey, its consistent. Overfuelling at very light throttle doesnt help economy either; so giving it a bootful before resting my foot on the accelerator.. just to hear it burble, pop, backfire.. constantly.. isn't ideal.
..and as you can see in the pictures, my headers are less than impressed with this too..

But the noise, etc. The noise!

Its all a bit of fun.

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