Friday 23 January 2015

Exa Canopy - again - the 80's Nomad-esque Targa dream-machine!

Damn I love these.

1988 N13 Nissan Exa Canopy.
I posted about of these not long ago, here; but had to again when I saw this really nice example pop up at a dealer in Japan...

The Exa on its own always seems to cop a bit of flack, essentially for being little more than a dressed up Pulsar - what a Capri is to a Laser/323 - front drive, a bit soft, and hefty dose of 'girlyness'. But I struggle to care about any of that noise! The essence of sportyness means well, and I love the quirky design details.  I can absolutely - and happily - live with the fact its conceded a bit of practicality to a Pulsar..

 I love the popup headlights with Nissan subtlety marked into the left passenger headlight cover..

 .. those fantastic slatted taillights..

 ..and the T-top/targa top..! Yes. The man's convertible.

But an Exa with the Canopy rear hatch option, in lieu of the regular fastback/liftback? Oh yes.. next level awesome here..

Gorgeous. Stunning. Delicious. Exacanopyliftbackroofoption.
For what almost reminds me of - in essence - a 50's Chevrolet Nomad reimagined into the 80's. A two-door Wagon; but one that also has a Targa roof... and want to put something into the back? well half the rear end opens up..!

That's just fantastic.

Looking at an exceptionally tidy, 25year old Nissan; which leads to an exceptionally tidy rear compartment..

...and through to a similarly spotless interior.
Black-on-black looks brilliant for 1988; with a handful of tasteful additions - Momo Race wheel, Nismo knob, and a pair of Confetti Recaro SR3/D's.
The 5spd shifts gears for the standard twin-cam CA16DE.. a long-stroke, 16V, 1.6litre four.. and on through to the front wheels.

That's all for now.
Again.. againagain.. (wether I've written it here, or just harassing people when drunk at parties..) The Exa needs more love. It deserves it. And not just for the tremendously innocent targa-top second generation car.. the first generation Turbo cars are a hilariously epic bit of kit..

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