Saturday, 17 January 2015


I shed a small tear when I came across this little thing at the wreckers the other day - a 1987/88 DA Mazda 121 Fun Top.
I wrote about these 18months ago here.. which if you've read, you'd know I have a *bit* of a soft spot for them. They're just so sweet and innocent.. and unpretentious like only an old economy car can be...

The first generation 121/Festiva was introduced in 1987, with the fun top being the final trim level above the Super Deluxe - it was the top of the range. Yep, we're talking such luxuries as cloth trim... a rear wiper/washer.. 4speaker cassette stereo.. and...
..Well, the main attraction here was the LARGE electric slide-back canvas top - and really, that's all I need...

A 'Fun Top' on the Mazda Fun-two-fun. Adorable levels peaking at this point...

Although its far from the cleanest example, my rose-tinted glasses allow me to see right through the grime and vintage supercheap-auto seatcovers. I love the striped pattern on these seats..

.. and another other detail I love on these early 121 interiors? That is one good-looking factory wheel.

SuperDeluxe-based levels of luxury means FunTop's have a Tacho, and the 1.3litre inline-four always shifts through a 5speed manual. No joke; things like this are fun to drive..

I shut the doors, bonnet and hatch to keep the rain out, and snapped one last pic before it is enevitably crushed; leaving it there amongst its 80's/90's Japanese friends - a 626 hatch, second generation 121 (DW Demio), N13 Pulsar, and U12 TRX - that will all soon share an indentical fate. Poor little funzy..

Damnit the wreckers makes me sad. Did I forget to mention there was a 5litre-swapped first generation 4Runner there? urgh... what a waste..

Anyway, I feel bad enough as it is leaving this thing behind. Had it been an aqua, shades-based Funtop though..


  1. hey mate where did you see this guy I'm looking for a couple of parts for my little fun top

    1. Pickapart Kilsyth; but it's long gone now unfortunately. I'm fairly sure the Suzuki Swift I posted here: sitting exactly where the FunTop was.

      Regardless, best of luck keeping yours on the road - I love em!