Monday, 26 January 2015


Southern Ways, Aero Sports.
15x10.5" -18

Along the same lines as the 1982 Southern Ways Epsilon I posted here.. except even at 10.5" wide its well and truly shown up..!

A lonely valve on the edge on the lip..

...and in the distance..



The small flag-shaped logo in front of the text is very.. Ronal. Interesting to know if this was (shamefully) intentional..

Original sizes..

.. from way back in 1983.
And used.
I can only imagine the awesomeness they were originally fitted to. A wide skyline? Maybe a Fairlady Z?

Definite signs of use and age; with a  healthy dose of corrosion and marks. But nice and original.. and chuffed to have the original paint and decals survive.

Just a nice old (rare) design; deserving of a couple 'glamour' (ha..) shots to prevent fading into obscurity...

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