Friday 13 March 2015


First post back after a fornight in-and-around Tokyo?
A hilarious yet sweet, FC-RX7-based, Fauxrarri F40...

Not quite (yet!)..
For rediculously-coincidental reference, an actual Ferrari F40 booming through Shibuya one evening. Urgh.. I loved Japan. Yep, that chariot-of awesome.. that abolute 80's supercar icon.. the 80's poster-car of poster-cars..
..with LM bits..
Getting use on the streets amongst the Subaru's and Taxi's.  

Centrelock wheels, adjustable wing, lexan window casually slid open... and a pearl-white Subaru Outback? Oh the contrast...

But no - it's this.. right here.. that's the point of this post.

Spotted what looked like the agressive rear wing of Maranello's-finest, down a line of cars in a carpark in Chiba..

Still a good half-a-dozen cars away when it was obvious something wasn't *quite* right...
Excited at first thinking it was an AW11-based replica, before the confusion set in of what it actually was based on. An A70 Supra? no..
That thick B-pillar.. the large hatchback - this was an FC RX7 at heart!

It remains very much RX7 in here, and a little surprised to see the auto shifter behind the 13B twin-rotor...

It felt like a bit of a shame not to see it sitting on a set of Autostrada Modena's; but the large Work Emotion CR Kai's did look good in bronze against the black. 

One last shot of the rear. Vented rear hatch and intercooler ducting likely not doing a whole lot..!

Such a strange thing to do to a car. When you set out to do this to an FC RX7; do you start with an FC because you like them? happen to already own one? maybe it just seems like the closest base?
How correct would you expect the final product to be, when you plan to leave the wheel/door positions and glasshouse as-is..?

The short wheelbase and oversized front and rear detailing, makes this seem like some sort of drivable Choro-Q car.. and for that at the very least I find this a bit of fun. 
Plus I can always appreciate that someone obviously likes this. Nice and clean - and this was no small job!

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