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NOS2DAYS 2015 - Yokohama, Japan.

Now its time for 70+ photos of what I was doing two weeks ago, today; visiting Nostalgic 2days - an annual classic car show put on by the creators of the Nostalgic Hero, Hachimaru Hero, and Nostalgic Speed magazines; held at the Pacifico Yokohama over the weekend 28/2-1/3 2015.

I'm going to try and focus on the late-classic stuff at the show.. as theres likely plenty of pics of the really popular C10/S30/2000GT's floating around the internet by now, and this is an 80's-focused blog after all..!

I really should have hired a car to drive to this...
Supposedly there was a decent turnout at Daikoku Futo on the Sunday morning, and I would have had a chance to see likely-interesting cars in the carpark at Pacifico Yokohama; but no dice..
..I caught the train. 
Above is a picture of the hilariously complex Tokyo train network. On this (..cold..) sunday morning, I started at the 9-o'clock on the light green circle, before making my way somewhere down the bottom-left of that map...

Off the train near Yokohama, and wandering to the show...

 Rogue Watanabe wheel box randomly left on the footpath. Righto!

 A few streets later, Pacifico Yokohama..

Awesome S110 240RS Silvia spotted out the front..

The show was held in sections C and D of the building..

A couple steps in, it's more than a little obvious this is the right place. Immaculate S30 Z right near the door.

A quick pan around gives you a general idea of the size of the show.

2000GT moving from the right in the previous photos, and across to a stage area in the middle of the front wall.

There are cars parked around the edges, and in rows down the centre. Used parts and other bits for sale, are down the far side wall in the above photo.. 

Now onto the cars; kicking off with the ones put there by the show organizers  - these are shown on the red carpeting.
1990 U12 Nissan Bluebird SSS-R

1989 AW11 Toyota MR2 G Limited, Supercharger..! Was very excited to see this.. and turned out to be one of only two AW11's I saw the whole time I was in Japan.

This particular car also happens to be on the cover of the current issue of HachimaruHero, so it was pretty cool to see it in person.

Immaculate DR30 on equip 03's..

I really liked this - Nissan's 1985 MID4 concept. This seemed so 'polished'.. so close to a production version. I took a ton of pics of this, which I'll post seperately later..

 Only two years later - the 1987 MID4 II.

1986 Subaru Leone RX/II coupe - the first of these I had ever seen.

Nice colour combination on this 1985 Z31 Nissan Fairlady-Z 200ZR-II

Super tidy 1984 TA63 Toyota Celica GT-TR..

 *X60 Toyota Mark II, sitting very low on a set of very wide (SSR) Focus Racing 5-spokes..

Similar formula for this *X70 generation of Mark II - which is also lowered on a set of wide Focus Racing wheels..
I love the factory colour on this, and on the gold wheels? so nice..

Absolutely immaculate Z10 Toyota Soarer. The fresh cad-plating shows work has been done, but as for how much of the exterior was touched, I wouldnt know. Perfect regardless..

At R31House, a pair of HR31 Coupes.

This coupe looked like a relatively-standard GTS-R on the outside, but not so much in here..!

 Speaking of engine bays; one of my favourites...

 Simply stunning OS Giken worked L-series. Unghf...

Porsche 930 Turbo - one of a solid number of European cars at the event.

Sweet little Suzuki Alto Works, sitting on a set of relatively large diameter SSR Professor MS1-R's..

Interesting modifications to this 1st generation CRX..

 The 660cc twincam three-cylinder turbo, pictured on the bonnet of this Suzuki Cappucino..!

Very early Isuzu Piazza.

Couple photos of the headlight-intake on this first-generation Toyota Celica.

Bright KP60 Toyota starlet!

Pair of red 6th generation Skylines on the Utilitas display. I loved these.. and will post a bunch of pics in more detail later!

 Couple shots of the Watanabe display..

..Which weren't the only wheels about for sale. Collection of very, very wide (Speedstar) Starsharks, Jilbas, and Techno Phantoms.. and wide tyres to suit...

 Pair of wide Watanabe's with slicks..

..and among the huge assortment of car parts, models and brochures for sale; a R30 Skyline RS Turbo remote-control car! $30? argh.. only so much you can carry. :(

But back to the cars..
 Car Shop Friend's display..

...With a huge selection of absolutely as-new F31 Nissan Leopards.

 Nice Fairlady Z at Zone. Launched back in 1989, the oldest Z32's will be 26 this year..!

Two of the awesome S30's on the Star Road stand, with all the cars lowered on a set of Work Wheels..

 .. which they also had on display behind the cars. Love the Star Road specific, Work Wheels produced, Glow Stars..

Wide bronze lipped set on an orange S30..

Very cool 430 Nissan Cedric/Gloria; with metallic brown paint and a set of wire wheels..

Silver DR30 sedan for sale on a dealers display..

Aaaand finally, one last car for now...
Rocky Auto's wild C110 Skyline bodied BNR32 GTR!

Thats it. Thats all.

It had been raining the whole time I had been in the show, which made for a fairly cold and miserable walk back to the train; but ehh.. was too excited/exhausted after looking at so many great cars too care.
Would absolutely go again.. other than the whole wrong-country thing..!

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