Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Gotta catch 'em all..

Boys Racer Exciting.
(Yokohama) BRX, BR1
13 x 6"

Picked up this tiny 13" pair around a year ago; New Old Stock, albeit a little battered, and likely long-separated from its caps/valve/box..
A unique design and some great detailing though - so as usual, a little hard to pass up!
..they look like a damn pokeball..!

Three piece (welded on production); with a polished lip, black hardware, and a nice machined edge on the fantastic bright-red-and-silver face. 

No caps unfortunately; but imagine a simple black plastic piece with white text around the outer edge..

Construction is very similar to other Yokohama (Advan) wheels from this era..

Strangely marked as 'BRX' on the front face and cap, but 'B.R.X' on the back. 
As above, this is an acronym for 'Boys Racing Exciting'

July '82 production means these little wheels wiill be 33years old this year..

Production date decal on the inner barrel, just about ready to fall off..

Same as the Advan barrel decal, but.. obviously marked BRX.
The barrel halves are welded together, and as pictured further above, the rear of the face is fully welded to the inner barrel.

..and thats all for now. Partly because thats all the photos I had uploaded in advance, and partly because i'm writing this on my phone in a hotel room in Tokyo..
Just enough flattering photos of an otherwise-forgettable old wheel anyway, because i think they're just so damn cute.


  1. Nice one Ross! You over there for work or pleasure? I guess you took an extra large suitcase with minimal personal effects haha.

    1. Definitely just for fun! Probably should have followed that packing advice, but no issues for now - until i go to leave in a couple days with half-a-tonne of books and magazines..! Hah
      Such a diverse country, but all SO interesting. I love it.

  2. just bought a set of this in 14x6.5 off of YAJ.... ^_^