Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Tough little Mira!

Came across this bad boy during the usual mindless cruise-control Japanese market browsing..

..Sitting in the dark. Eyes glazed over. Shallow, lazy breathing. Click.. scroll.. click... scroll..

Its a 1986 L70 Daihatsu Mira TR-XX!

..Thoroughly warmed-over - well, visually anyway - and currently for sale for a little under 900,000yen.

To quickly repeat what I've likely already mentioned before on these: Second generation of Mira, produced between ~1985-1990; and was Daihatsu's Kei equivalent to say.. Suzuki's Alto, with this turbocharged 547cc TR-XX model being the top-of-the-line.

This one has an aggressive front lip, with both that lip and what is actually the factory TR-XX bodykit sprayed in what looks to be a hugely metal-flaked white.
..That or its an interesting concrete effect.
..Or incredibly well aimed stone chips.

The same effect is on the factory hood scoop (which genuinely feeds the original air-to-air intercooler sitting above the cam cover!), with a sparkly Daihatsu badge to match!

The whole thing is lowered over what look like strangely-familiar steel wheels.. that have been widened, chromed, and painted. They look great regardless, and fit well!

Quad tips replacing the original units, in what are surprisingly the stock locations! As mentioned above, the hatch spoiler and rear bar are both original Daihatsu.

Overall nothing that isn't easily reversible, on a chassis that's getting quite thin on the ground. Its a bit of fun, and relatively simple changes that have made this look so much more aggressive.


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