Friday, 7 June 2013

Z31 Patina..

not as neat as some, but solid gentle patina.. and is pretty cool to me..!

The car is a 1988 Z31 Nissan Fairlady, which as I've covered when posting these cars before, was the last full year of Z31 production before its replacement by the larger Z32 chassis.

The outside is familiar kouki/update Z31 fare, with the exception of these perfectly suited SSR Formula mesh.
Not only do they look to be in great shape, and complete with their original caps; but they're afaik the largest the standard SSR mesh ever got!

Inside is mostly standard, other than this nicely worn Momo and cool blitz horn button. A 5-speed car too..

... and all powered by the SOHC, 3 litre, turbo, VG30ET V6.

ehh.. I'm just happy to see a used and still usuable 'classic' on clean SSR's.. :)