Monday, 10 June 2013

Group A DR30

Took these photos at the Classic Japanese Car Show in feburary last year; and finally dug them out to share..

The car is a Group A DR30 Nissan Skyline, a Gibson Motorsport built car raced in Australia & New Zealand during 1986/1987.

Absolutely spotless for an ex racecar!

The engine is the very factory looking FJ20ET, similar to (being a group A req.) what was found in the road-going DR30 Skylines - a 2-litre, 16-valve twin-cam four.

I love how short they've kept the intercooler/intake piping and coolant hoses. Seriously cool stuff.

A couple shots of the fuel system in the boot/trunk; and the the fillers through the boot-lid

A shot of the interior, which is bare save for a bucket seat, harness, extinguisher and cage. The Sparco wheel is a later addition. Shifting is done via a Hollinger 5-speed.

Such a cool car; and awesomely is still getting run today.

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