Wednesday 19 June 2013

Silhouette, yet again..

Despite this all being a little R31-heavy lately, this was far too cool not to share..

A 1988 R31 Nissan Skyline Silhouette in very tidy and very original condition - The nicest I've seen in a while.

The upright front headlight area and rectangle tail-lights identify this as a series 1 or 2 R31 Skyline (1986-88), with the two-tone over silver (on a Silhouette) pointing it out specifically to be a series 2 (1987-88).
Differences between the Series 1 and 2 Silhouettes and the series 3 cars I posted about recently; include the front spoiler, the rear lip spoiler, red striping in the bump strips, and the pinstriping on the tail-lights.
The same awesome wheels are here, but with a little grey detailing to the centre 'lock' area.

This particular car is in great shape, and has an assortment of period accessories: Headlight covers, plate covers, rear louvre, roof racks, tow-bar, nudge-bar, weather shields... this stuff would be a crime to remove!

Original Bicentennial Vic plates (1988-only, and not reprinted) are a really nice bonus.

All standard S2/S3 Silhouette in here; and even without the most flattering photos, it is actually in very nice condition.

Only downside looks to be the addition of gas (lpg) at some stage; but is an easy fix. Really great to see the filler hasnt been cut into the rear quarter panels - instead added at the rear beside the towbar.
As is often the case with R31's however, the engine bay is spotless. The RB30E straight six here looks to be as good as new..!

Definitely one to watch though - a great example of a great colour on a cool car.

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