Friday 5 June 2015


Another one of those rare-to-find-a-good-one cars.. or moreso in this case, rare to see at all..

1986 JR120 Isuzu Piazza Nero XS.
For a model that was sold new in Aus, I could count the number of these I've ever seen on one hand. Not sure what the reason for this was really - they were distributed by arguably the largest manufacturer in the country, and were right amongst its competitors - Honda's Prelude, higher-spec Toyota Celica, Nissan Gazelle - in price and on-paper spec.
If i ever happened to feel the need for a Piazza in my life.. well the search would almost definitely start in Japan.
..and that's obviously where this one is. A little over 1million Yen; totally reasonable for a solid, complete, top specification, turbo Piazza.

The partial pop-up headlights; somewhat similar to both the Ballade CR-X and VL Calais posted recently..!

The original machined-finish 14" wheels..

A nice stainless exhaust has been added..

..and the Piazza's very traditional 5-link solid-axle rear.

Shown again here in the brochure. Other than the Gazelle mentioned earlier, almost all of its competitors had moved onto multilink IRS setups from this point..

The brochure page above also shows the Turbo, intercooled, 4ZC1 four. According the brochure, this SOHC (also getting slightly old-hat by this point), slightly-oversquare, 2litre unit produced 180ps and 25.5kg of torque - an impressive 132kw/250nm!

Couple interior pics..
 Trim-level badged on the dash is a nice detail. Shame the console is removed!?

The comfy-looking velour seats, with multiple adjustments for the driver. 

Quality looking cargo area cover, and perfectly flat folding rear seats. The little details that count.

Done. Always cool to see something very different.

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