Sunday 21 June 2015

Wind Surfing. Water Ski. Tennis..? ..Maybe Tennis? ...City Cabriolet!

Eventually getting back to posting a little more of this - a 1984 Honda City Cabriolet I'd seen at the Honda Collection Hall earlier this year..
..and promised I'd post more of. Magically that time is now.. so you know.. CITY!

(..scrabble tiles..?)
The 1984 introduction of the FA Cabriolet was already 3 years into the 1st Gen City's 5 year production run. Designed by the Italian design firm Pininfarina, and using the Turbo II's widebody as a base. As a base. Essense of Turbo II. So widebody, yes; but unfortunately missed on the Turbo EFI version of the little 1.2litre four.. leaving the poor cabrio to work with a whisker under 50kw..

 ..but you do get that fabulous lack of roof...

..and epic plaid-houndstooth seat trim! This pattern is amazing.. and there is just so much of it..

Worked well with the otherwise quite odd solid green paint! This was actually one of two greens.. as well as three blues.. red.. orange.. pink.. yellow.. and the standard range of shades, that made up an impressive early colour range!

Done. Sweet little Cabriolet-Kei.


  1. Very cool! Did they have a T1 or T2 on display? I note the brilliant Motocompo betwixt those City's! I actually have a red one on the way from Japan :) I have pined for a T2 forever, but sadly I know it can never be.

    1. No, but they had one better - the orange Turbo IIR (!) I posted a couple pics of here:
      They're great fun cars though! Pre-89 means with a little work you'd be able to find a nice one to bring out of Japan.. just got too many other things eh?
      LOVE the Motocompo's. Definitely something I can see myself buying, like yourself, regardless of whether I had a City.
      I saw a regoed one at Toyota Winterfest a couple weeks ago, and another in the back of a white Turbo at Classic Japan late last year. Both Red.
      ..which, interestingly, is the colour most seem to be. Honda oddly chose to have a yellow one on display, which clashed just a little with the red City parked alongside!

  2. Ah yes, the T2R. Fantastic little cars. I have some period Mugen leaflets at home detailing each and every piece that you could purchase to create your own T2R. Also have a few model kits too.
    Pre-89 does mean they're easy enough to bring in, but even over there they're getting thin on the ground now, and frankly I just don't have the time to commit to yet something else.
    Yes, red is pretty common for the Motocompo. The yellow is probably my favourite, but as I found a nice red one about 20 kays from my guy on the ground over there, it was just less hassle. Hopefully it'll be here in time for Spring!