Saturday 1 December 2012

To work and back, slowly..

Enter the blandman.
A 1987 BF Ford laser sedan.

This model (BF) was introduced in 1985 in Japan. It is very much the same as the KC model we got in Australia at the same time, and the same era 323/Familia of course.

Very, Very, basic 'sedan' here. just inoffensive.. unexciting.. plain.
But a neat design, that you could never call ugly.

Equally business-like in here.
Surprising, for 1985 it definitely has a very early-90's feel. Might be the grey plastic...?

The Powerhouse.
The single-cam four sends its power to the front wheels. This was already the second generation of front wheel drive for the Familia/323/laser.

Overall a very tidy.. laser.
I'm not sure who it appeals to exactly, but its no doubt a nice example..

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