Sunday, 30 December 2012

Grand by name only..

A 1984 F30 Nissan Leopard 300 Turbo Grand Edition.

Special in the world of first generation Leopards.
Although this model Leopard - the first generation of such - was introduced four years earlier; this was the first year for this variant.


Fitted with the 3Litre, VG30ET, Turboed V6.
As a 1984, Nissan's VG V6 engines had only very recently been introduced. This (basic) engine powered many performance Nissans for the next 20years, albeit not in single cam, non-intercooled form!

Always funny how short a V6 looks in a N/S configuration..

 Outside, we've got some period-perfect Work Ewing's.

Inside is a little tired, but brutally dated - as the best in 1984-luxury should be!

TURBO lights up? urngfh...
How odd is that Tacho layout too? love it. .


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  1. Not sure I've ever seen one of these cars, and boy have I been missing out! So cool!