Sunday, 2 December 2012

Rally Icon.

Like a couple others I've posted, this is not a Japanese car (Its Italian). But some cars are just too special not to.
Its because of cars like this, we have the WRX/STI and EVO.

This car here is a 1991 Lancia Delta Intergrale 16V.
One year in a huge production timeline - 1979-1994; and only got better and better as time went on.
Its boxy design was advanced for its day, which prevented it dating right through the 80s.
This intergrale 16V version was introduced in 1989. It has a twin-cam, 2 litre, Inline 4; boosted by a intercooled turbo, and sending power through to all 4 wheels. Sounds familiar?

I very, very, rarely see these on the roads. Shame.
Im loving the spoiler on the rear there!

The box flares remind me heavily of the E30 M3 (another epic car I never see.. :( ), and those wheels are just perfect.
Large square foglights, black detailing everywhere, sharp creases and lines galore... again, spot-on.

Very plush in here..!
Comfortable seats, 5 speed, and a good looking wheel. interesting looking door release here too, and the gauge layout is very very different!
I wouldn't mind a bit of colour, and that headunit kills me inside.. but really nothing to complain about here.

Just a fantastic car, and a great example looking stunning in Rosso. 

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