Friday, 30 November 2012

Late introduction..

A car that has moved on from the era of typical 80's designs, with its rounded edges and smoother detailing.. but it just sneaks in, and is too cool not to share.

The sixth generation, 1989-1993 Mitsubishi Minica Dangan ZZ!
One of the real Hot Kei's from Japan around that time.. and these are a beast on paper, with its twin cam, 5 valve per cylinder, turbo intercooled, 3 cylinder!
..possibly the only car to ever have 15 valves?

Like all Kei cars, they high tech engines really only produce minimal power - but they are light.

...and this car has 3 exhaust tips..

Much love for the little Mitsubishi.
As usual, its no Alto Works to me, but surely fun!

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