Tuesday, 4 June 2013

AT the Honda Civic..

Very pretty little 1986 AT Honda Civic SI.

One of the third generation Honda Civics; produced over the 4 years between 1983 and 1987.

I love these, especially in 3dr hatch form (and amazingly moreso in as the first generation CRX!); and this one looks particularly light on its feet; with what look to be relatively chunky tyres wrapped around what are possibly Weds Sport wheels. It looks great.

Love the full-width rear light and garnish, and tall rear tailgate glass.
If you happen to miss the large DOHC decals down the side, or off-centre power-bulge on the bonnet; then the badge in the lower right corner of the glass lets you know it is an Si model...

..Which means its powered by the 120hp, twin-cam, 1.6litre, four.
The short bonnet is making that look a tighter fit than it is; but its far from roomy regardless!

..And a couple shots of the interior; showing this as a very tidy and original car all-round.
Comfortable looking seats, with matching rear bench and head-rests; cool looking wheel, and a nice tall shifter. good stuff.

If shopping for a classic 80's Civic; I'd probably buying an EF hatch for the little more parts-support; but this gets a lotta bonus-points for being different..!


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  1. Correct they are Weds Sports Kurage (Jellyfish)
    ウェッズ スポーツ クラゲ