Wednesday, 23 September 2015


..did you say government car?!
I love these.. and I'm almost certain I'll eventually buckle under the cuteness-pressure and buy one..

What is it? 
It's a Honda Motocompo! 
I saw this red one at a car meet on Saturday. A nice, complete, and original example.. and in what is likely the most common/popular colour. These were also available in white, and yellow - as was this one at the Honda Collection Hall.

A 49cc, ~45kg, foldaway, bundle of motorcycling joy. 
As the picture above shows, these were designed to fold up and fit in the back of Honda's City.

These handles fold up from under the centre section, and are locked in place with those screw knobs on the top. 

The little plastic speedo looks like something you'd find on a push bike.. or a gas bottle..! Subtle green grid detailing is pure style..

Cup holder is that way...

The comfy-looking padded seat, springs up and forward.

Dainty little wheel&tyre combo.

Headlights, tail-lights, indicators, and a rego plate holder - yep, these things are designed to be ridden on the road. 
A fantastic way to die I suppose? 
..Yet tens of thousands of these little things were produced in the early 80's, with plenty still around after over 30 years... so they can't be too bad!

Pah; I want one regardless..!

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  1. Haha, that's mine! Glad you enjoyed it. Come find me next time, you can take it for a little spin.