Friday 25 September 2015

Surfari. It's just the 4Runner.. the roof sides are rolled up..

Amazingly it's been over 10months since I last posted pics of this. So here's a couple new, flattering (..oohh those shadows..), yet impromptu pics from last weekend.

All is very much the same as usual. Did end up doing the headgasket and radiator this year, as well as a spot repair to the heatercore (all initial split headgasket and over-pressurised cooling system related..); but none of this was particularly costly or bothersome.
Visually it has gone untouched.
I only drive it occasionally; so while it was practically toast when I picked it up a couple years back, further deterioration has fortunately slipped into slow-motion. An expensive resto away from being perfect, but still nice enough for now. At the very least I've already got an extra couple years out of it!

Fun and useful.


  1. Dude I love your 4Runner, such a great colour and trim combination and a nifty set of wheels to boot.

    1. Hey, cheers! That blue-on-blue combo played a huge part it getting me on-board in the first place! Looks nice with the original white roof too, despite weighing a ton..