Thursday, 17 September 2015

SpeedStar MK.2 : Mark, also..

An early SSR MK.2, in detail. 

I ended up with this lonely old wheel a while back, after initially seeing it with its original cardboard box on Yahoo. Yadayada and so on.. and eventually I'm here with a single wheel.. with no cap.. no valve.. and painfully - sans box. 
Oh well. 
At the very least its a nice example of an early MK.2.. which isn't common to see. 
This wheel is 30-40 years old, and still unused. It's a fantastic example of the original finish and markings, very likely long lost on others this age. 

SO.. as usual; a little about these wheels, followed by as many detailed pictures as I could think to take!
SpeedStar MK.2
14 x 7.5"
'A' (-4) Offset
Likely late 70's or early 80's production
3-piece welded construction, cast alloy centre, and original anodized silver barrel/lip. 

Introduced ~1972, and still available to this day. Its amazing to think these have been in production largely as-is for well over 40years (minus one or two pauses!).. putting them in a very small group of timeless-yet-classic Japanese wheels.
I'm not quite sure where along the line the name went from "MK.2" to the "MK-II" it is currently..

Face sitting proud of the lip, with those gussets running back..

..Not going to hold air with that attitude...

Don't often get to see the outer barrel decal.
As mentioned above; the three wheel sections welded together, sandwiching the centre. Not unusual for wheels from this era; and although it makes widening a pain, at least it never loses air..! 

Aaanyway - Done. That's all. 
I'm sure most people have seen a SSR MK-II at some point, but you never know; maybe there is a MK-II enthusiast out there somewhere.. desperate to see what the earlier wheels looked like in detail.
Well there you go my friend.

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